Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Today we are leaving ... sniff!

Currently blogging from Narita Yahoo Cafe for free! Big change after all our membership cards for the different japanese internet cafes.
We have left this morning our Ryokan at 6.30 and got the taxi that had against all my expectations been ordered by the guy running the ryokan. On the flight to Narita we have had an excellent view at Mt.Fuji!!! Beautifully covered with snow, not a single cloud... marvellous!
The shops (duty free and others) at Nagoya Airport and at Narita Airport are extremely disappointing! For sure you can get Hermes and LV and whatever Ferragiamo neckties. But the choice on food, souvenirs, perfumes, and alcool is quite limited, especially considering its a Tokyo Airport!
So I'll keep my remaining Yen for the next trip to Japan!
We'll have 11 h flight time from Tokyo to Frankfurt and I hope to see some interesting movies...

The missing stories of our adventures these last days will be told together with the hundreds of pictures from cherry blossoms, kagoshima, kyoto etc. when we arrive home! The address will be posted here as a closing post.

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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Today we have been visiting some more temples (Kinkakuji) and gardens (Ryoanji) in Kyoto with beautiful sunshine and some more cherry trees! Had my fisrt cup noodles from a vending machine! Tonights dinner was vietnamese and delicous (a bit too much may be...).

THANKS for all your email greetings to my xxth birthday!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Hi, back in the internet & blogging world again. I am currently sitting in a box in fujiyama relaxing cafe... we would not have entered here to find an internet cafe, but it is one of the full service ones we have been told by a next door game center. Soft new age music in the background, free drinks, TV in your box, etc...

We are in Kyoto for 2.5 days now. After some trouble with our initially reserved one - yes! I phoned them twice, to make sure they got the reservation, but when we got there some other people just got our room for 2 nights. (nasty grin: the lady there was not able to use a pocket calculator, so I can understand that she was confused by a dozen room reservations for several parties... ). She had asked us to sleep in some "Dachboden/garage" type room, not bigger than the 2 beds it contained and some 20 futons piled up the walls...for a still 5000円 per night. We said no, thanks and went back to the station and found the best ryokan we have stayed in until not expensive at all. Very typical it has a little pond and japanese stone garden with Koi-carps in the atrium, a big family bath - japanese style, our 7.5 tatami-room, free TV, fresh green tea and senbei/arare crackers daily (I love it!). It is very conveniently located 3 min. from the station and the housekeeping lady is really helpful.

Yesterday it only rained... the whole day. So strong that I finally bought an umbrella, too。Manu had gotten his @ Beppu already. We had visited Kiyomizudera but then decided to go for souvenir shopping (our bags will be tested for maximum load on the way home...) and Nishiki food market! Great experience. But I still do not know how to cook with half the stuff they sell.

Today was a beautiful day, so we took the shinkansen to Himeji (50 min.) and visited the castle in the morning - just before the crowds came @ noon we were off again ... It is so impressing and beautiful! Cherry trees around the castle, and in the nearby samurai garden.
Back to Kyoto we went to Ginkakuji Temple and from there took the philosophers stroll lined up with cherry trees for 2h. Kyoto @ cherry blossom time is really my favorite spot in Japan!

Tonights dinner was kari-udon, as I was really tired and cold after our walk, no energy to look for a special place. It was delicious.

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

7 favorite flavors
Haagen Dazs Japan is having a promotion on every 7th, 17th, 27th of the month - your favorite 7 flavors for 500円.
I had of course only the ones you can't get in the rest of the world / or Europe...:
Azuki - japanese sweet beans in a kind of cinnamon ice cream...mmmhhhhhhhmmmmmm
Green Tea - extremely green as usual and so good!
Macadamia Nut - no brittle please!
Cranberry Frozen Yogurt - never had cranberry icecream before! delicious!
Rich Milk - the new japanese flavor 2004, I prefer it as Crispy Sandwich!
Maple Walnut - very walnutty, but also very nice in crispy form because of the coating ...
Custard Pudding - Manu confirms that is has the same flavor than a french "creme caramel". I don't like creme caramel. Sorry.

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Friday, March 26, 2004

PS: I had posted some more pictures @ pbase - ulpike999 - who has already had a look???

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We have eaten our first Kaiseki in Beppu. It was a very interesting experience. In our little 4.5 tatami room, we have been served a dozen different dishes, over steamed vegetables, some kind of egg pudding, sashimi, salt grilled fish, boiled fish&tofu, minced beef etc. It was delicious!
To give you an idea - it was about the same price than a night in a mid-priced ryokan for two persons... so I guess it was actually cheap (compared to what the guide book says about Kaiseki in Kyoto or Tokyo...)! And we have not been introduced by any japanese friends to get in....

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Hiroshima/Miyajima --->KYUSHU/Beppu
Miyajima s little sweets are made with sophisticated machines, that first put the dough in the mold, the add the azuki or whatever filling - cut it with double cutting ;-)) - and then add more dough, close the mold, finish the cooking, wrap it in little cellophane sheets, pack in boxes to sell to the tourists ... and mmmmhhh delicious.
Okonomiyaki @ Hiroshima!
Beppu - Stonebath-onsen in our Ryokan, tatooed Yakuza in our onsen - and it s raining again...

PLEASE DO NOT USE ULI@CIN.DE ANYMORE, continued attacks will most probably make the server shut down.
Use my usalzer @ yahoo.de address please.

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Monday, March 22, 2004

Manu ecrit un blog sur notre voyage (FRENCH ONLY)... j'ai ajoute le lien a droite... bonne lecture!


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11 weeks in JAPAN...!

--> the countdown to my second trip to Japan and some stories from over there...

I'm here for days!!!

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